This Holiday Season, No Child Without a Wish

This holiday season we are looking for 300 Monthly Supporters to help us grant 30,000 wishes next year -and ensure no child is left behind next year. 

Will you become one?


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Why Monthly Support?

Make-A-Wish is committed to transforming the lives of every critically-ill child across the world.  We grant over 30,000 wishes a year, but thousands of children don’t get their One True Wish.

By joining the community of thousands of regular givers, you honor that commitment, ensuring that we are not only able to take care of the child of today, but also bring hope to the children of tomorrow

Why Make-A-Wish?

A wish is much more than a fun day out. It’s a transformational experience recommended by doctors across the world that empowers the child and their family with a renewed sense of hope and strength to battle the condition. 

Treating a critically ill child we not only aim to help cure their body, but also heal their minds and the souls. It’s this sense of holistic health and positive psychology that truly drives our mission. It’s what we do what we do.

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